Coming soon...

We are developing an annotated bibliography covering the four themes of the project (sugar, bananas, beaches, and gardens), as well as the broader context of gender in the Caribbean and decolonial ecology. This bibliography is collaborative, the intention being to build a comprehensive list of resources that include a variety of different perspectives.


We are hoping to build a community of friends and peers through this project as a remedy to the isolation that is defining these times. The issues at hand in this environmental humanities project that focuses on gender and the Caribbean allow for reflection on some of the most urgent crises of our present moment. This community, and this collaborative project, will provide space to engage with some of these pressing matters. We understand that you may not be able to contribute at this time, as our lives have all been uprooted by the current pandemic and political climate. We completely understand if you’d like to defer your participation. 


While we have focused so far on the francophone Caribbean, we welcome contributions from other languages as well. If you would like to submit to the bibliography, please do so here.