Summer 2021

A study of gardens proposes not only a study of the relationship to the soil and vegetation, but a study of the link between land and identity. The garden, a delineated area, is at once a space that can be controlled and manipulated, as well as a container of richness and biodiversity. As places of memory and spaces of identity, gardens can serve as places of resistance. But botanical science and imported New World plants have reinforced and extended colonial economic, social, and political influence. This line of study opens up to questions on the representation of the garden as a space of reclamation and a reminder of subjugation. Objectification and commodification, as well as celebration and expression, of the female body echo that of gardens. In what ways are expressions of the feminine revealed in and through garden settings? How is gendered identity reclaimed or appropriated in these spaces? How are female desires represented or reflected in the garden?

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