Event Schedule

This digital project will span from November 2020 through May 2022 2021. It will be organized into four modules, one module for each of our themes. Each module will include a synchronous or asynchronous intervention ranging from lectures, book clubs, calls for submissions, and more. Each theme will intentionally include interdisciplinary perspectives on the same topic in order to offer a multi-faceted perspective, shedding new light on environmental and gender studies in the Caribbean. We intend to offer as much of this content as possible in both English and French, to the extent of our capacity and project resources. 


Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020

10 AM (Los Angeles)

1 PM (New York)

7 PM (France)

What can we learn about the artistic representation of the consumption and production of sugar? What are the gendered implications of this representation? How have women artists disordered and resisted the ecological effects of sugar consumption and production through their art?

Panel discussion: Dr. Myriam Chancy (professor and novelist), Andrea Chung (visual artist)

Watch the panel and add your reflections here.


April 2021 - May 2021

Dr. Schuyler Esprit will share an exploration of agriculture, astronomy and climate through her family history and a once-thriving banana farm. This event will be asynchronous. Registrants will be sent a pre-recording by May 1st and are invited to engage with the presentation through leaving comments on this site. 

Call for Submissions: Leading up to and after this presentation, we invite you to submit your family history artifacts or stories related to agriculture, astronomy, and/or climate. These can be photos, written reflections, songs or audio recordings, and/or artistic pieces in the language of your choosing. E-mail your submissions to: ecologiesentrelacees@gmail.com. All submissions will be posted on the bananas page our site. We hope you will also engage with other submissions by leaving comments.


Fall 2021

In what ways are expressions of the feminine revealed in and through garden settings? How is gendered identity reclaimed or appropriated in these spaces? How are female desires represented or reflected in the garden? What role have gardens been able to play in food sovereignty? What role has the graphic novel played in shedding light on environmental justice issues. 

Call for Contributions: Submit a 1-2 page graphic novel page that deals with the themes of ecology, colonialism, and environmental justice. All submissions will be shared on the Gardens page of the website. We encourage you to share, as well as comment on and engage with the other submissions. 

Virtual Event: Ecology and Empire in Francophone Graphic Novels (with Dr. Jennifer Boum-Make, Georgetown University). 


Fall 2021

How has the beach (and related elements such as access, pollution, and tourism) illustrated both the violence of colonialism, as well as gendered resistance?  How is the beach, as a fluid and liminal meeting place, both an oppressive and liberating space?

Intervention: Book Club - Bain de Lune / Moonbath by Yanick Lahens


October 2020 - November 2020


April 2021 -

May 2021